Webinar: Game‑Based Learning to support employability

Supporting Girls’ Career Choices in the field of ICT and Entrepreneurship
led by Bernhard Ertl, Donau Universität Krems (Free to CRA Members)
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 12:00 13:00

Studies have shown that female students show less active classroom participation in STEM (sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and ICT courses (e.g. Blickenstaff 2005). They also report a lower level of self confidence – a phenomenon that can have negative impact on the development of interests as well as for career choices (e.g. Jurik, Gröschner & Seidel 2013). Stereotypes, particularly those of parents and teachers, can have a big impact on pupils’ dispositions, especially stereotypes regarding females in ICT as well as the respective attribution patterns (Martignon 2010). Such effects reduce girls’ willingness of pursuing a career in the ICT field, which is crucial with respect to the concept of equal chances: girls miss the option of taking well paid jobs in the ICT sector and thereby has detrimental effects on their employability.

This presentation gives examples from the project Mit Mut that is dedicated to support girls’ entrepreneurial skills in the ICT sector by game based learning. It particularly deals with the issue, how game based learning can support girls’ competencies as well as it can counteract the development of stereotypes by enhancing appropriate self evaluations. A particular aspect focuses on the evaluation of competencies girls acquire during game based learning.

The Webinar gives a short introduction in the context of gender in ICT and presents the projects’ approaches on the development of competencies through game based learning. Besides the development of ICT skills, the support of self evaluation will be a core concept of the session. The webinar opens the discussion about how to evaluate the effects of game based learning for these kind of competencies.

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